We care about ındoor aır qualıty

In order to improve indoor air quality, the most suitable ventilation system should be designed for the needs of the space and appropriate filtration ,which means air cleaning, must be selected  in the ventilation system. We produce the most ideal filters for ventilation devices at all levels.


we product filters suıtable for your exactly needs

In order to offer the suitable filtration solutions, we have been identifying your needs correctly and producing suitable solutions for more than 10 years with our experienced team. With our technological infrastructure, we produce the right filter that  you need according to international standards and offer it to your use.

we follow new development and offer ınnovatıve solutıons

We care about your operating costs in the selection of filtration and we produce sustainable solutions that save energy. We work with raw material suppliers whose quality has been proven internationally and accepted by everyone.


why should prefer setfıl

Wide Product Range

We produce all efficiency groups of filters that you may need for special applications requiring precise filtration to pre-filters required for basic filtration.

On Time Delivery

Thanks to the integrated production structure, we plan all production processes and deliver your orders within the promised time.

Production in International Standards

We closely follow international standards and developments in order to offer high quality certified and reliable products.

Export to More Than 40 Countries

Our products, which prove their quality in international markets, are exported to more than 40 countries with an increasing our foreign market share.

Qualified Team

By providing trainings to our team member at all levels, we increase their contribution to quality processes and provide a suitable working environment for them.

Advanced Production Technology

We use latest technology machinaries in production and follow current developments in manufacturing processes and make new machine investments.