About Us

  SetFil  started its activities in 2010 in order to manufacture and sell filters used in ventilation and air conditioning devices.

  It manufactures all filter groups, from pre-filters used in basic ventilation devices to absolute filters used in clean room air-conditioning systems, using high-quality filter raw materials imported from abroad, in high-tech machines in accordance with national and international quality standards.

 SetFil ensures the producion of filters such as Cassette and Bag filters in the coarse filter class, Rigid Panel and V Compact filters in the fine filter class, HEPA and ULPA filters in the absolute filter groups, besides odor filtration solutions with international standards by using the highest quality raw materials, with morethan 50 expert staff and modern equipments.

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Quality Policy

  • To produce high performance products tested according to international standards by using advanced technology in the production of ventilation filters.

  • To ensure the continuity of our position in the market by providing high-performance products with price and cost advantages, and to keep our sectoral awareness rate at a high level.

  • To ensure customer satisfaction.

  • To continuously increase our domestic and international market share and to be a preferred company on a sectoral basis.

  • Adhering to Legal Conditions within the Scope of Activities, reviewing the conformity of the Quality Management System, ensuring continuous improvement and complying with the conditions.

Our quality targets are shaped by customer requests, “Quality Management System” in our company is not the elimination of defective production, but the effort to reach the production of perfect products and services.

For our company, quality is not a level reached and maintained, but a target that is renewed and constantly developed according to the conditions.

The satisfaction of our employees, their training and their contribution to quality targets will increase our success.

Mission & Vision

With the participation of all SetFil members, working with a team spirit aiming at continuous development and success, offering world-class products and services in the field of filters and identifying the name SetFil with the filter.

To be an organization that is preferred and appreciated by our customers by emphasizing continuous improvement and quality in our production approach and services.

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Certificate